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This song is by Genesis and appears on the double album The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway (1974) and on the box set Archive 1967-75 (1998).

All the pumping's nearly over
For my sweet heart
This is the one for me
Time to meet the chef
O boy!
Running man is out of death
Feel cold and old
It's getting hard to catch my breath
It's back to ash
Now you've had your flash boy

The rocks, in time
Compress your blood
To oil
Your flesh to coal
Enrich the soil
Not everybody's goal

They say she comes on a pale horse
But I'm sure I hear a train
O boy!
I don't even feel no pain
I guess I must be driving myself insane

Damn it all!
Does earth plug a hole in heaven
Or heaven plug a hole in earth?

How wonderful to be so profound
When everything you are
Is dying underground

I feel the pull on the rope
Let me off at the rainbow
I could have been exploding in space
Different orbits for my bones
Not me
Just quietly buried in stones

Keep the deadline open with my maker!
See me stretch
For God's elastic acre
The doorbell rings and it's

"Good morning Rael
So sorry you had to wait
It won't be long
She's very rarely late"



He panics, feels around for a stone and hurls it at the brightest point. The sound of breaking glass echoes around the cave. As his vision is restored he catches sight of two golden gloves about one foot in diameter hovering away down the tunnel. When they disappear a resounding crack sears across the roof, and it collapses all around him. Our hero is trapped once again.

"This is it" he thinks, failing to move any of the fallen rocks.

There's not much spectacle for an underground creole as he walks through the gates of Sheol. "I would have preferred to have been jettisoned into a thousand pieces in space, or filled with helium and floated above a mausoleum. This is no way to pay my last subterranean homesick dues. Anyway I'm out of the hands of any pervert embalmer doing his interpretation of what I should look like, stuffing his cotton wool in my cheeks."

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