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One Sided Conversation

This song is by Gene Watson and appears on the album Reflections (1978) and on the compilation album Greatest Hits (1990).

If I must live alone
Id rather do it by my self
For Ive never known a man
To shake his head and turn and walk away
Lookin at myself and all the things
That I believe in
Left dying in the silence
Of the things you never say

Sleepin by myself
Somehow Ive never held you
Oh I wish I needed a reason
Cause surely theres an answer to it all
Talkin to myself
Is somethingelse that Ive grown used to
One sided conversation
With a narrow minded wall
Talk to me
Oh cant you see
That I cant bear to give my dream to someone
Who would stand and let it fall
Lately to myself
Im the only one that holds me
One sided conversation
With a narrow minded wall
One sided conversation
With a narrow minded wall

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