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Don't Look At Me In (That Tone of Voice)

This song is by Gene Watson and appears on the album Paper Rosie (1977).

Won't you talk to me , my darlin',
Tell me what a fool I am
Dry your eyes, sweetheart,
They're still a little moist

I'm so sorry that I've cheated,
Please forgive me if you can
Just don't look at me
In that tone of voice

You refused me when I craved
A woman's soft carress
And my frame of mind was at
An all time low
I reached out for someone else
To fill my emptiness
But, I didn't find it there
So I came home alone

Don't give me that silent treatment,
Lose your temper, call me names
Tell me that you could have
Made a better choice
Run me down, I've got it comming,
Say that I should be ashamed
Just don't look at me
In that tone of voice
No, don't look at me
In that tone of voice...

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