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A Year Ago Tonight

This song is by Gene Autry.

I received your card this morning when the mailman passed my way
I'm so glad you thought enough of me to write
I know it makes you happy to announce your wedding day
But do you recall a year ago tonight?

When we made our vows together that our love would never die
Darling, how were we to know it wasn't right?
I can't recall all the reasons why we quarreled and said goodbye
But I still recall a year ago tonight

May you always find contentment in each trial and joy you share
May the years that glide before you bring delight
But when old time memories haunt you and you have the time to spare
Will you just recall a year ago tonight?

Tho' this parting makes us strangers you will always share my heart
When the fading years have turned our hair to white
I will always feel you near me, even though we're worlds apart
'Cause I'll still recall a year ago tonight

Written by:

Gene Autry

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