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She who Loves the Flames

This song is by Gehenna and appears on the album Malice (Our Third Spell) (1996).

(Music By Sanrabb and Sarcana)
(Lyrics by Dolgar)

You Created this
The dust that slowly consumes all life
You barren all-loving soil
With your infernal heat
In your embrace lies the pain of centuries
The gray pain that the cosmos sees

Written in ashes are questions of tomorrow's existence
Crying are souls that have forgotten how to bleed

She who loves the flames
A burning desire
She who loves the flames
A highly passionate desire

Cover them now, dark wife
With this cloack you know they come to love
The taste of you, your kiss of death
In this sand they will draw their final breath

Forever burning
Burn forever

Flames to purify, flames conceive her sins
A black evil heart lets no man win
The mirror above, a starlit black sky
Reflect the battle in which man will die