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Turn Da Music Up

This song is by Gee Unit.

gee unit!!!!

turn da music up

turn the lights down

i'm in my zone...

stop drop and freakin roll
we're outta control
we're gonna take away your soul
cuz we're ona freakin roll
(cuz we're gee unit!)

roll the freakin dice
eat sum freakin rice
we eat alotta poo, you have no freakin clue
this is our crew
(cuz we're gee unit!)

here is my gang(gee unit)
he we sang
and heard the freakin bang
lets go to st louy
and eat my pooy

i was born straight up in malibu
any fool could handle you
but for me this is where i got my first shoe
where i had my first crew
ya'll better watch out be4 i bust a cap right through you

i wrote her a fricken letter
that i had poo on my sweater
and that sum day i would come get her
and everything would be better

our raps are solid as concrete
no once can match out beat
cuz its so fricken neat
so go eat sum freakin wheat

hey freakin fatty
are you from cincinnati
did u eat a pepperment patty
do u live with gladie

i got a freakin laser beam
it taste like cream
its for my team
so u better freakin scream

i built a dynasty by bein one of the realest homies out
way beyond reason yall can't doubt
I told everyone I'd grow up to be a famous rapper
Make a record about poo and name it after

now follow me and do exactly wut you see
dont you wanna grow up to be just like me?
eat alotta poo?
and eat alotta cheese?
and eventually eat alotta peas!?

i aint never scurred
i aint never scurred

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