Gear Daddies:(I Wanna Drive The) Zamboni Lyrics

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(I Wanna Drive The) Zamboni

This song is by Gear Daddies and appears on the album Billy's Live Bait (1990).

Well I went down to the local arena
Asked to see the manager man
He came from his office, said 'Son can I help you?'
Looked at him and said 'Yes you can'

Hey, I wanna drive the Zamboni
Hey, I wanna drive the Zamboni
Yes I do

Now e'er since I was young
It's been my dream
That I might drive the Zamboni machine
Id get that Ice just slick as could be
And all the kids would look up to me


Now the manager said 'Son, I know it looks keen,
But that right there's one expensive machine
And I got Smokey who's been driving for years'
About that time I broke down in tears

Cuz I wanna drive the Zamboni
Hey I wanna drive the Zamboni