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It's a Cryin' Shame

This song is by Gayle McCormick and appears on the album Gayle McCormick (1971) and on the compilation Super Hits of the '70s: Have a Nice Day, Vol. 6 (1990).

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It's a Cryin' Shame
Love walked out the door, it's a cryin' shame we don't have it no more.
Love walked out the door, it's a cryin' shame we don't have it no more.

Readin' your letter, I didn't know whether
To call you up and talk again.
When I saw the name you signed, flowin' through my mind
Was a memory of way back when.
Now all that I can wish you is good luck, baby.
Sorry that it couldn't be me.
But it felt so right
If we'd held on tight,
I'd be with you tonight,
We never should'a let our...

I won't forget the summer, my heart was like a drummer
Just beatin' every night away.
Walkin' in the sun with you, baby we were one
And the love was really ours to stay.
Now all I get to keep is a faded picture
You belong to her today.
And the memory
Of-a you and me
Is just a used to be.
We never should'a let our...

Love slipped through my hands,
It's a cryin' shame I can't play in your band.
Love fell at my feet,
It's a cryin' shame the bitter isn't the sweet.
I'm so sorry, baby...

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