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God In This Moment

This song is by Gavin Mikhail and appears on the album Like Normal People Do (2006).

Stained glass windows all around me
Watching as they fall down to their knees
Whispering words I am not understanding
But, I know that I should be
Kneeling, praying, asking for forgiveness
Thinking of all the things I've done wrong
Hoping their god is out there somewhere
He's listening now
And all along...

And I'm told
There's a god in this moment
Watching over me
I don't know
Their god in this moment
But I know I'll try to believe...

Ten years, ten lifetimes older now
Watching, waiting, expecting that day
Knowing that I can't hope to imagine
The ways my life will change
Now I'm holding my daughter, she's sleeping
I'm staring down at a face just like mine
Knowing that from now on
Nothing matters as much as this
In my life...

And I know
There's a god in this moment
Watching over me
And I know
My god in this moment
And, I know I'll always believe...

Until the day you took away from me
The only thing that mattered in my life
Can't you see why I am angry with you?
I'm hating you for all you put me through
And, I don't know why inside this silence is deafening
You know I gave up everything for you
I followed you always, all along
God don't let her be gone
I'm lost without you...

But now you're gone and I'm fading
And I, I hurt in all these new ways
Though I'm praying you've gone
To a better place now
I just can't say...

But I hope
There's a god in this moment
Watching over me
I don't know
If there's a god in this moment
But, I know I'll try to believe...
God I hope (god I need you)
You're there in this moment (please is there somebody)
Watching over me (to know me hold me)
Can you show (to show me something)
Me you're there in this moment (and after all this)
Something to make me believe...(I wish only to why)

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