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Full of Herself

This song is by Gavin DeGraw.

Look at all the people looking at she
floating round the room like she's living on the tv
we all end up watching her and then she thinks we're fans
but she isn't even famous she just acts like we should kiss her ass
She's so full of herself
I'd like to thank her for the show
and she'll thank the Academy
for recognizing what she already knows
who can satisfy
it's so hard to be society's dream
you might hate the type
but she amuses me
Tell her you could have her and she might owe you a kiss
she's another case of Leading Lady-itis
already talking to her is like talking to a wall
because she has so many day jobs, there's nothing really there at all
standing (standing)
waiting (waiting)
laughing (laughing)
fading (fading)
lady (lady)
She waited too long
and had to run home
and hang up the phone
cause time is too expensive dear
she's so full of herself (x 9)

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