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Chasing Rainbows

This song is by Gaute Ormåsen and appears on the album New Kid In Town (2003).

I can see the horizon
Every cloud running away
And in the sky, recreated
Promises painted with faith

And so far away
( so close, and yet)
So far away

Even if it's raining
The sun will shine
Can you see the colour
Falling from the sky
Now, don't you worry baby
It'll be alright
And what tomorrow brings, baby, only heaven knows
Everybody's chasing the rainbow

And what ever the weather
We can find our way of go
Dreaming 'bout something better
And when we're dreaming, the brighter it goes

And so far away
( so close, and yet)
So far away (It's getting closer, closer)

Even if it's raining'

Feel it getting brighter baby
Do you see the light
Get a little closer, honey
It'll be alright

Even if it's raining'

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