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Why Did It Die?

This song is by Gatti-Vision and appears on the album Adolescence (2006).

I see you shining on a Saturday
I thought I'd let you know
I couldn't catch your eye, but that's OK
You'd rather let me go

I'm tired of reaching out to take your hand
To guide you to the light
You act as if I'm from some foreign land
When I am in your sight

What has happened to the sparkle in your eyes?
Replaced it with a permanent disguise for me...

Why did it die? Why did it die?
Tell me why, now baby, why you let it die

And baby, baby, we've all been hurt before
To build a wall around you will only hurt more
And I'll stand outside that wall 'til it falls down
And climb inside where your loving will be found

Seated two tables down in the cafe
With that old friend of mine
I should've never looked across the way
And now I would be fine

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