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Untouchable Beauty

This song is by Gatti-Vision and appears on the album Childhood (2006).

That certain way that she walks
Special way that she talks to me
She's every man's dream
She's mine alone if you know what I mean
I wanna knock that girl right off of her feet
My one and only, she just can't be beat

As time passes away, her memory will stay with me

I get the chills, my hope she fills
That untouchable beauty, impossible beauty

Other girls have tried to win my heart
But I've just had one goal from the start
I don't have the guts
That girl is just too much
Her pretty eyes look up, I get so scared
Those hypnotic eyes leave me impaired

She dresses so sexy, but she's not dressed up for me, I know...

I'm no fool, I can plainly see
That my vision's not reality
But why can't it be?
Winning over that beauty
We'll travel to a faraway place
Wait, here I am, staring into space

I want that girl near me, I want you to hear me right now...

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