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Too Late Now

This song is by Gatti-Vision and appears on the album Childhood (2006).

Woke up in the morning, took a look outside
Can't move my fingers, I can't still be alive
Screaming in the bedroom as I travel alone
Panicked outbursts on the telephone

Why did they deny me?, I wonder aloud
Spit in my face as a storm cloud of doubt

Takes over my head, would someone listen instead?
But it's too late now...

The girl in all my dreams of yesterday
Doesn't even see me as she's turning away
There's gotta be a circus for this rejected clown
Nobody will notice when I'm not around... BREAK FREE!

My expiration date has already passed
Sharp pain, sensation, till nothing at last...

Takes over my head, I'm already dead
So it's too late now...

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