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This Time

This song is by Gatti-Vision and appears on the album Adolescence (2006).

I just can't wait, I have to sing her praise
Together for a week now, and it's my turn to speak now
You wore me down, you tore my heart in two
I've found another girl now, even though you said that I would be lonely...

I took the time to find somebody new
I'm not a fool, I know what love can do
Drive a man insane, you say it's the same
But it'll be different this time, yea yea this time, yea yea this time

You're dead to me, but I'm still a living being
I think I've won the race now, I'll rub it in your face
Fairweather friends, you can't depend on them
You chose them over me now
But can't you see that I've dropped out of the game and...

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