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Standing In Your Driveway

This song is by Gatti-Vision and appears on the album Childhood (2006).

Here I am, standing in your driveway
Setting down the street
Little lamb, you'll be with me all day
In my thoughts we'll meet

Feeling fine, seems like the whole world's mine
Though that may not be true, I've got you...

And we walk, talk about tomorrow
Try to figure it all out
Nighttime hawk, gliding through my daydream
At the roundabout...

Feeling fine, seems like the whole world's kind
Though that may not be true...

Autumn air and the feeling when you're there
Need someone to talk to, I've got...

Memories under moon and trees
Goodbye kiss, reminisce, drifting through the breeze...

Standing in your driveway (ooh, I'm out here on a limb!)
Standing in your driveway (ooh, I had some crazy whim last night!)
And I'm in your driveway (with purpose and a goal!)
Standing in your driveway... another lonely soul

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