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Source Of Support

This song is by Gatti-Vision and appears on the album Adulthood (2006).

I sing this gift from me to you
You've shown your love through things you do
I've screamed in anger, denied affection
Your patience guides me and gives direction
No gift I give could match your devotion
Through days and nights, 'cross land and ocean

I will feel secure and I'll always adore my source of support
Awaken my senses so when I depart
She'll always be with me, close my heart...

From the days of my youth, the memories we share
I've worked through the trouble, grown strong through your care
You've nurtured my dreams, built up a home
When loneliness comes, I'm never alone
Now a new world calls me and I must go
Through the years I've learned, and I'll always know

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