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This song is by Gatti-Vision and appears on the album Adolescence (2006).

Saraline, I'm feeling fine
Her sparkling eyes, her smile divine

The princess lone upon her throne
They see it now, I've always known

That she'd be mine, my Saraline
Together now, forever shine

And when the guilt and fright keep me awake at night
She's my radiant light
When she's beside me, I know I'm right

Saraline, the stars above her
Illuminate a path to love her
Just a single vision of her long blonde hair and I'm there to stay...

Saraline, she pours the wine
So graciously, the pleasure's mine

Saraline, the season's changing
Everybody's rearranging
Don't you find it rather strange that it's been so clear?
And I'm here to stay...

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