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This song is by Gatti-Vision and appears on the album Adulthood (2006).

Like a bluebird in winter on a desolate tree
I hear the other birds as they're laughing at me
Sadness, sadness, my eternal bride
Dark clouds loom overhead with no place to hide

Every rose has its thorn, my bloody hands prove
And she's watching and controlling my every move
Sadness, sadness, like the enemy birds
Offers nothing to help me, just more empty words

Sadness, I must escape from this lonely world
With determination and my wings unfurled
Then I see your dark eyes and the sadness returns
You plague me and faze me, my weary heart burns

I cannot find refuge in the cold winter snow
Your aura still lingers, just letting me know
Sadness, sadness, I surrender my soul
Happiness in my life, an impossible goal...

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