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Klebold Blues

This song is by Gatti-Vision and appears on the album Adolescence (2006).

I wake up in the morning at a quarter to 6AM
I know what fun awaits for me and them, ahem
It'll be the same old drama that I see everyday
Though this time, things will be different, I say, I stand a

Lone on the top of the world looking round and round
No one's there, but the sounds that I hear in the air
They reappear every year
Sounds of laughter, cries, tears, and fears, even

Standing at the top of this sphere, I will still say, after
All these years, after all of these days
Did anything change? No, it's the same old
Drama, everyday

Freaks will be freaks, they pick on the weak
Though the freaks aren't those with the rainbow streaks
In their hair, no no no no, not at all
The freaks are the bitches that you see at the mall

Where they gossip and shop, these freaks are the sluts who
Only take johns that are Aryan and tall
Come home from the mall, and then they watch the OC
Its drama passing as reality, I am so

Horny, I wanna fuck the guy on the OC
Whos an outcast in society
Though like, Oh my God!, when a weirdo comes my way
Ill brand him a stalker, then Ill shoo him away

Though hey, Mr. Weirdos got so many problems
But what can I say?, Seth Cothens got problems, and I would
Fuck him today, whaddya say?
Call me a hypocrite, hey hey hey hey hey hey

I watch the same play everyday
But, oh the price they'll have to pay...

Hey punk! Don't think you escaped my critiques
In fact, you're just as bad as those freaks
I mentioned above, you say Love the dove,
End the war, but kill the conformist!

Anarchy! Yay! You're a prep, you're gay!
Fuck President Bush I say, I love Che
Even though I have no clue who he is
I dress all in black because I am in misery

A proud non-con is what I am
Along with all of my non-con friends
They dress in black and hate Bush as well
Oh that's swell!, we also rebel against

Right-wing media, rap, MTV,
Hey look, Green Days on, saying Fuck Bush! just like me!
A non-con stands for nothing at all
Anti-church, anti-state, anti-big, anti-small

I'm a sub-urban whiteboy, I am so poor!
I live in a home that is not worth more than 2 million
Everyday I chill like a villain
In my brand-new Mustang, look at that thang!

And when I cruise in my ride, my speakers blare rap
To the mall, and buy all of this FUBU crap
For my feet, I got Tims, on my head, twist my cap
To show everyone I am poor and black

On the inside, even though I've never been outside
Of this bubble-town, so I'm goin' down
To the ghetto, the land of Tupac and Nas
I get a hard-on when Ems on, I know its because

I'm lovin' this scene, Its ON you see!
Drugs! Guns! Hos! Parties! Makin' money!
Perhaps an African-American family
Can adopt me, I think that's the way it should be

Athletes, athletes, elites, elites, are the
Athletes, girls and guys, jocks, jockettes, whatever
They can fly on the field, on the track
Here there and everywhere, there and back

Black and blue, is it true that they can't eat
Risk defeat if they eat sweets before they compete
So instead they break bread in a basement with weed
And drink beer while the cheerleaders tend to their needs

Hunky hulks if you ask me, I rule over sleaze
In the sea of humanity, I do as I please,
Just a shot in the ass and this weight is a breeze
I come home, chug a beer, Becky get on your knees!

In this age, all the rage is the roids, and the boys
Look like toys, oh what poise!, after taking these roids
Freaky girls making noise 'cause they want to enjoy
Aryan boys, sexy toys, hoy ahoy hoy ahoy

I be a pirate sailing this sleazy sea
Of humanity, heeheehee, I deal with elites
They claimed they shouldn't be in this sea with the sleaze
But I disagree, now their balls look like peas
And they can't even swim 'cause they got two bad knees
They scream, Please let me onboard!, but I letem freeze

Pseudo-intellectuals taking APs
Liberal students who can't take high Bs, mostly
Jewish or Asian: Indian, Chinese
Arab, Korean, Vietnamese, sorry

Did I offend you?, then crucify me
Use superior logic and force me to flee
To the hills, writing rhymes you find so un-PC
As you march with the band and you learn chemistry

You are mentally ill, please do not talk to me
You will ruin my dream of Yale University
Republican swine, simple mind, unlike me because
I can create my own reality from what I

See on TV and I read in the library
Gotta study for that SAT, 'cause if I
Get a B, I will cry, stick a needle in my eye
Let it bleed until I die, all the others wonder why

I study so hard, why I try and freak out like I'm gonna die
Because I'm better than the pack!, I'm back on track!, I put this crap back back backinmy
Back pack, tick tack, clickety clack, goes the train
Back on the fast track to Harvard, don't you

Talk back, dumb sack, I look down on you
'Cause I am a scholar and you're just a foo
I'll go to an Ivy League University
And get my degree to improve my reality

You're probably wondering why I say
That everything will be different today
You've witnessed Round 1, I've fired the gun
And you'll know the truth by the time I am done

When I came to this school, I was a fool
I tried to be cool, but I drowned in the pool
I was washed up, left for dead, chopped in pieces, foamed and bled
Re-emerged, rose from bed, gathered strength and forged ahead

(With whispers of hes Krimpy, hes Krimpy, hes Krimpy)
I still hear the laughter, the cries, the tears
Alone I stand here and I cover my ears
My fellow classmates, hear me clear, I havent
Asked for acceptance once in all of these years

I fell for the sluts and the bitches and hoes
They called me a stalker, instead they chose
The Aryan males who drank and smoked grass
And look, they got raped in they stupid ass!

I was cast as a fatass, my dreams faded fast
Heres a blast from my past, a pain in your ass!
I hate your ass, Ill rip your ass apart, eat your heart
Destroy this whole class, wont give no one a pass

Cause you propelled me here, in our final year
My lines of rhyme have instilled fear
In the hearts and minds of many peers
While others cheer my pioneer-ing

(With background vocals Krimpys just a man)
Ideas, captured in these lines of ink
Telling others of what I think
Of how I was pushed to the brink
Of giving up, to slowly sink

You looked down on me? Now I look down on you!
You tried to take everything from me, who knew
That in a couple of years, Id earn it back, plus change
Now I'm rescuing all those you've labeled as strange

I am coming down now!, like I always say
Same drama, same BULLSHIT, everyday!

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