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Jock Lover

This song is by Gatti-Vision and appears on the album Adolescence (2006).

Baby, I've been lonely
You ain't been returning my call
You're at some crazy big-bang party
All your friends are lying out in the hall

I want your pouting red lips on me
Like last night in my dream
And when I arrive inside that party
Girl, I wanna make you scream!

But you're a jock lovin', love muffin, bring it on home
And in the bedroom with the quarterback, you scream and you moan
And now the halfback and the fullback, they won't leave you alone!

Baby, you play me when I've got something you need
A little puff just to keep you rolling, I'm the man to plant your seed

'Cause you're a jock lovin', love muffin, bring it to me
And when you're on your knees, you do your things your mommy can't see
But she should know, because it runs in your family

Baby, I've got my helmet and pads on
The season starts next week
Soon I'll be scoring a winning touchdown
Begin a winning streak

I open my eyes, no big surprise
You strut struttin' over my way
Now it's time to claim my prize
We gonna have some fun today!

Jock lover, jock lover... jock lover, jock lover!

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