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Living for You (2006)Edit

Gateway Worship - Living For You

Living For You

  1. Come Thou Fount, Come Thou King
  2. You, You are God
  3. Living for You
  4. Only One for Me
  5. No Sweeter Name
  6. Every Breath
  7. Revelation Song (featuring Kari Jobe)
  8. Bound
  9. Reason I'm Alive
  10. Overtaken
  11. Pure
  12. The More I Seek You
  13. Who You Are

Wake Up the World (2008)Edit

Gateway Worship - Wake Up The World

Wake Up The World

  1. New Doxology
  2. New Doxology Anthem
  3. The Lord Reigns
  4. Real
  5. God of My Days
  6. You are Good
  7. Alabaster Jar
  8. We Cry Out
  9. Save Me
  10. When I Speak Your Name
  11. We'll Make it Loud
  12. Wake Up the World
  13. Call Your Name
  14. Beautiful

God Be Praised (2010)Edit

Gateway Worship - God Be Praised

God Be Praised

  1. God is With Us Now
  2. Praise Him
  3. Victory
  4. Stay Amazed
  5. O for a Thousand (Hallelujah)
  6. O the Blood (featuring Kari Jobe)
  7. One Single Drop
  8. By the Grace of God
  9. Praise is the Offering
  10. How to Worship a King
  11. Glorify You Alone
  12. I Hear the Lord Passing By
  13. Faithful God
  14. You Are For Me
  15. God Be Praised

Great Great God (2011)Edit

Gateway Worship - Great Great God

Great Great God

  1. Every Day I Live (featuring Thomas Miller)
  2. Sun & Shield (featuring Matt Birkenfield)
  3. Holy, Holy, Holy (Savior & King) (featuring Walker Beach)
  4. My Everything (featuring Kari Jobe)
  5. When I'm With You (featuring Rebecca Pfortmiller)
  6. Victorious (featuring Thomas Miller)
  7. Great Great God (featuring David Moore)

Forever Yours (2012)Edit

Gateway Worship - Forever Yours

Forever Yours

  1. Not Ashamed (featuring David Moore)
  2. Be Lifted Higher (featuring Thomas Miller)
  3. As We Pray (featuring Thomas Miller)
  4. Forever Yours (featuring David Moore)
  5. Mystery (featuring Kari Jobe)
  6. Love Has Done It (featuring Zach Neese)
  7. God & King (featuring Rebecca Pfortmiller)
  8. All He Says I Am (featuring Cody Carnes)
  9. The Father's Love (featuring Ben Haake)
  10. 139 (featuring Alena Moore)
  11. We Will See (featuring Walker Beach)
  12. Worship the Great I Am (featuring Kari Jobe)
  13. The Whole Earth (featuring Thomas Miller)

Other SongsEdit

  1. 10,000 Reasons (Bless The Lord)

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