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​This Is Where It Ends

This song is by Gary Wade.

I've been alone, for quite some time now
Still can't shake the pain you left somehow
Try to forget but it comes back again
When I think about what could have been
The house is a wreck, and my job is on the line
Can't help but to feel, that you'll come back in time
Try to convince myself that it's all fine again
That you're with me until the end

Then I start the pain all over, and cry once again
My heart can't understand, and stop trying to pretend
I fail to realize that this is where it ends
There's no coming back, I will never see you again

You know I wish I can go back in time
Hold you in my arms and make everything right
I would bring back that day when you walked out the door
I would ask if I could do more

I miss your touch and the way I made you smile
Even when you laughed at me when I was funny for a while
I could think of a million ways to change the way you feel
But I know that it would not be real

I can't help but to feel alone
There's a part of me that's not my own
I can't bring back what's been lost
That piece of you is all I got, where it ends

End chorus