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​I Don't Mind

This song is by Gary Wade.

She's a wild one
Can't see in her eyes
When her mood swings
She'll take you by surprise
Give her some time
But I don't mind

She's a strong one
She get's up when she's down
There are time's when
Needs my hand to stand her ground
I don't mind
'Cause she's all mine

There have been times
We want to split our ways
I would never try to change
Or have it any other way
She a challenge I find
And I don't mind

She's a cool one
Just roll's back her eyes
When there's someone
Competing with her pride
It blows my mind
She's one of a kind

She's a fun one
When her work is said and done
On that dance floor
Her night has just begun
The time just flies
Yeah, and I don't mind

End chorus