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​Deep Within

This song is by Gary Wade.

There was a time I believed in love
When my heart was young and true
Till she ran out of my life, and ripped my heart in two
Through the years I managed to build
Walls that are hard to climb
Many have tried to burn them down
With fast love on their minds

There's a heart somewhere deep within
There's a fear I feel I can't pretend
It's going to take me a little time to show
So just wait and you'll get in
And there's a heart that doesn't show
But it's deep within

My life seemed to take a turn
That would change the way I'd feel
I met a woman who blew my mind
And seemed to be the real deal
I had to fight what's right and wrong

To protect my hearts desire
Didn't want to live and learn
Go diving into the fire


I went ahead and took the chance
And gave love one last try
Now I can't believe I finally found
Someone I could not deny
To this day I go back in time
And what if I didn't give in
I wouldn't have found the love
I have deep within

End chorus