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Only A Friend

This song is by Gary Valenciano and appears on the album Relevance (2007).

You called me on the phone late last night
The rain was pouring down as you cried
You said he hurt you bad
And that he broke your heart
Like all the others did
And so you though
You just needed to talk to a new friend

'Cause only a friend can mend a heart
That's torn and broke in two
And only a friend can keep your trust
And love you (just for you/for just being you)
Only a fool can overlook
The way I look at you
But it doesn't really matter after all
'Cause I'm only a friend to you

I told you life's like that and it's okay
I know he didn't love you that much anyway
And I say, "Just look around
Who knows somewhere, somehow
Someone's waiting to be found
So just let him go, then you will know
The one who's loved you most
Is now the one who's loving you back

Will it matter if I told you
Just how much I long to
Be more to you

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