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Let's Go Jukin'

This song is by Gary Stewart and appears on the album Battleground (1990).

Well there's a juke joint jumping on the edge of town
Got a smokin' little band and they get down
I'll pick you up around 9 o'clock
And once we get started we'll be hard to stop
Ain't got a lot of money, that ain't nothing new
But I feel like a million when I'm dancing with you

C'mon good lookin' honey let's go jukin'
Well the sparks are going to fly
When my feet hit the floor
Jump back baby
Give me some room I'm ready to roar
C'mon good lookin'
Honey let's go jukin'
There ain't nobody that I'd rather dance with than you
To some good little down home
Honky tonk juke box blues

Put on your dancing shoes
Your tight dress too
Some of your $100 perfume
And me and you are going to fly across town
Straight on the dance floor
And burn the place down
C'mon mama let's get the show on the road
Crank it up baby let the good times roll

C'mon good lookin' honey let's go jukin'...

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