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Hey Leona

This song is by Gary Stewart and appears on the album Battleground (1990).

Hello baby, what's your name
Can I buy you a drink
With legs like them I bet you sure can dance
Every since you walked in I've had my eye on you
Come here let me show you something
I learned after school

Hey Leona
Where'd you get them pretty red high heels
Baby don't you wanna sit in my lap
And hold the wheel of my Coupe de Ville

Did you come here by yourself
Cause there's an extra chair
Mind if I can sit down
Where I can fall in love right here
Such a pretty little girl, such a sweet young thing
Baby what's your number
And how'd you get into them jeans

Hey Leona...

Raised by gypsy's telling fortunes to fools
I've been up, I've been down
And around a time or two
Been bailed out and bonded
In every town I've been through
But that just paved the road that led me here to you

Hey Leona...

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