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Dominion Day

This song is by Gary Numan and appears on the album Exile (1997).

In my darkness
I hear Jesus crying.
In my darkness
I see children savage and blind.
In my darkness
I see dead men kneel before the cross.
In my darkness
I hear the voice of evil.

"Disciples, dark angels
This is Dominion Day"
"My demons, come to me
This is Dominion Day"

In His darkness
I can feel the storm come.
In His darkness
Holy water burns my soul.
In His darkness
A grave waits for you at Heaven's gate.
In His darkness
I hear screams that hide the voice of God.

"Come children of Eden
Pray to me on Dominion Day"
"Pray for your salvation,
Sanctuary on Dominion Day"

My soul, save me.

In His mercy
He will bring the disease.
In His mercy
He will burn the oceans.
In His mercy
He will tear the sky down.
In His mercy
He will make pain eternal.

"Your nightmare is breathing
This is Dominion Day."
"Welcome to your saviour
This is Dominion Day".
"This is my new kingdom.
This is Dominion Day."
"Creation bleeds for me.
This is Dominion Day."

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