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What She Never Said

This song is by Gary Mitchell.

Can't sit still, all messed up. Gut's on fire, can't help wondering what's going through her mind. She never really said much and now our time is passing us by.
So many years, still right back here and after all this time I'm back in this hole again, waiting around again, waiting for her.

Such good friends, real good times. God I wish she'd make up her mind cause It's killing me, not knowing what it is we're supposed to be, she won't talk to me.
I can't let go until I know for sure if I'm just wasting all of my time with this, trying to cope with this is tearing me apart

I can't shake these memories, and its messing up my head.
We don't belong together, but I'll still never forget her,
'Cause she's haunting me with all the things she never said.
'Cause I never got an answer and it's following me around.

I don't care what may be. Its all right, I don't want to see all the reasons why we have to let this chance simply pass us by, still I can't deny.
I've known so long that it's all wrong but I just can't let go of the possibility. This opportunity is dragging me around.

I can't let go until I know exactly how she feels about me but if I'm wrong, this has gone on too long, its time for this to end.

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