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​Afraid Of The Dark

This song is by Gary Mitchell.

Light is fading, night is falling. Are you afraid of the dark?
The night is strange and people change when no one can see who they are.

Are you pretending in the light? Is there a you that nobody sees?
Are you just hiding in the dark? Hiding in shadows just like me.

It hears your lies and covers your secrets. It sees everything but never tells.
Is the darkness your best friend? Does anyone know you quite as well?

So what does it hide of you?
And what has it seen you do?
Do you ever wish that it could stay?
Do you ever wish that you could chase the day away?

Lai, dai dai, doo doo doo, doo doo doo

Lai, dai dai, dadom dow dadomdow
Would you dare to share what you're hiding there?
What would people say if they knew who you were in the dark?

Just what is it about the dark that comforts you?
Is it easier to blend in, to get lost?
If everything looks different at night
Is it easier to see what you want?

Is there another you, hiding there in the dark?
Do you not know that person is who you really are?