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Send Back My Heart

This song is by Gary Allan and appears on the album Used Heart For Sale (1996).

By now I really should be over you
But I might as well just give up tryin'
You've got what's missin' deep inside of me
And I want it back, girl you know it's mine
Send back my heart if you don't want it
Send back my heart girl, the one you stole away
You've made it plain, your names not on it
So don't put me through one more blue and lonely day
Send back my heart

I've found somebody else who wants my love
But I can't give her what she needs
The very thing she's wantin' still ain't mineto give
So won't you let it go, please baby please
I've tried to forget you girl just like you told me to
But baby that's impossible, so now it's up to you

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