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Wild as the Wind

This song is by Garth Brooks, features Trisha Yearwood and appears on the live album Double Live (1998).

Johnny grew up on the dark side of the law
Living in the shadow of a light he never saw
Rosie came around in the way that good love does
Just when you're looking elsewhere for the thing that never was
Wild as the wind'
Wild as the wind is
wild as the wind is love
So they teamed up and they traveled all the way
Looking for forever for every yesterday
She brings him hope in the way that angels do
Taking him to heaven in ways he never knew
Wild as the wind
Wild as the wind is
Wild as the wind is love
Wild as the wind
Every so often he gets a stray look in his eye
But she knows how to hold him without ever asking why
Wild as the wind
Wild as the wind is
Wild as the wind is love
Wild as the wind is love

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