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Main Street

This song is by Garth Brooks and appears on the album In The Life Of Chris Gaines (1999) by Chris Gaines.

One Light Blinkin' Off and On,
The Blood of Life In This Town is Gone
Lost All it's Pieces but the Pawns
Tomorrow Stopped Comin' With the Dawn...

In My Dreams, I've Seen
Things That Only Seem to Happen on the Silver Screen.
But When it's Over There's no Walkin' Out,
'Cause Out There All They Talk About,
Is What Ain't Goin' Down, on Main Street...

Never Did the Things I Thought I Would,
Woulda Left Just Didn't Know I Could,
Things Don't Work Out Like They Should,
It Ain't for Better, But it's for Good...

I Went to L.A. With a Friend of Mine,
Just to See What It Was All About.
We Hit The Freeway, and it Blew my Mind,
I Had to Find a Way of Gettin' Out...

She Said, They Say,
"Hey, You Gotta Live A Little!"
In My Mind, I Find, That Lost, ain't livin'
Either there, or the middle of Main Street... Yeah!

Repeat Second Verse:

Repeat Chorus: (Twice)

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