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​The Nothing Song

This song is by Garrett Williamson and appears on the album The Beat Demon (2014).

I don't know what to write down
This song's about nothing now
And my mind can't seem to think quite straight
'Cause it's early in the day and I work best when it's late

I think I'm breaking the fourth wall
I donno what I'm talking about at all
I'm just songwriting
In a very different way
'Cause honestly I don't know what to say

This is the chorus of this song
And clearly something's wrong
I'm singing about what I'm singing about
Who cares about songwriting rules, I don't give a flout

(This is a really long turn around)
(I mean, well, I kinda suck at it... Yeah)

Now I've added a few new things
And I'm still just singing
This is pointless
Everything sounds so legit
These words are getting dumber by the minute

This is the bridge of this track
Honestly now I don't give a crap
No wonder this is the bonus track
This line does not rhyme

Something something about some hot girl
I actually wrote this believe it or not
I'm not improvising, I'm reading this
I like cheeseburgers

(Yeah, wow, okay that just happened)
(I just, I don't even care anymore)
(Think I have a cold)
(This has been fun. Thanks for listening to this album)
(I'm still, I'm still sitting here)
(I mean, yeah... There's, uh)
(Uh, okay, all right, uh, see you, see you guys later!)
(My gosh, stop recording!)