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This song is by Garnet Rogers and appears on the album Sparrow's Wing (1999).

First warm day of spring
In last year's sneakers.
How they felt upon his feet:
So light and cool.
Playing in the shade beneath the bleachers;
Waiting, praying for the end of school.

He remembers how the field would smell at twilight
When the clover hay was sweet and freshly mown.
Breathing in the perfume and the mystery
All those years ago before the boy was grown.

And the summer sky was high and bright above him
And in the evening it would turn a cobalt blue.
The stars hung in a net above the forest
The palest summer moon came into view.

His little world was new and freshly minted
In colors bright of gold, and blue, and green
And he listened as the evening breezes hinted
Of a world beyond that he had never seen.

He was standing on the threshold of a mystery,
Waiting for his whole life to begin.
The world was out there with its motor running
He had but to find the door and climb on in.

And so the young man he grew to be was restless.
The road was calling out there in the night.
Shining in the darkness leading somewhere,
Somewhere, anywhere,
Would be all right.

As the years wore on the man became uneasy
For the road that once beckoned at his door
Was just another door he'd seen sometime;
The towns were all just towns he'd seen before.

So the wonder and the mystery dimmed and tarnished.
Days were filled with whiskey, smoke, and din.
No memory now of silence or of sweetness.
No way to retrieve it from within.

How his world it seemed to shrink and darken
With choices poorly made and chances lost.
So the face that stared back from his mirror
Was a pale and haunted portrait of the cost.

Of no longer even looking for the mystery,
Waiting out his days it seemed to him.
Trying to fill the empty ticking hours.
No sign or memory of the boy he'd been.

Who'd been standing on the threshold
Of a mystery
Trembling in his eagerness to live.
Someone was out there
Waiting for him somewhere
To accept the love he wanted so to give.

He remembered now the evening that he met her
How the sunlight played upon her hair.
The tricks it played around her like a halo.
How no one in the room seemed to be there.

How the others disappeared and the music faded.
How his breath grew short and how his heart was stirred,
Stirred again with hope and longing.
His courage failed.
He couldn't find the words.

As he talked with her he felt his heart reopen.
Her eyes green as the fields were in his youth.
Her hair was sweet and warm like fresh cut clover
In her eyes he recognized the truth:

That he was standing on the threshold of a mystery,
Trembling in his eagerness to live,
Praying she could somehow see and know him,
And accept the love he wanted so to give.

And that night beneath the light, beneath her stairway,
They clung in that first brief and awkward kiss.
He reached out in love, and hope, and hated longing
What he'd waited for his whole life had been this:

To be standing in the wonder and the mystery
And that hopeful boy he'd lost so long ago
Had returned and should he live a hundred lifetimes
This would be the only love he'd ever know.

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