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The Painted Pony

This song is by Garnet Rogers and appears on the album Firefly (2001).

Draw close to me and hear my story
Oh draw close and I will tell
Of a young and faithful soldier
And the girl he loved so well

They met 'twas on a frosty morning
In the autumn of the year
They courted all that winter
Until the winds of spring blew clear

He brought her lily of the valley
Fine silks and precious things
Their love grew ever sweetly
As the flowers bloom in spring

They would roam the fields together
Laughing breathless as they'd ride
They pledged their love together
Forever side by side

One day there came to them a letter
Her soldier boy was called away
Her face grew as pale as the moonlight
She knew not what to say

She said 'oh love I am so fearful
In some far off field you might die'
He held her tightly and he kissed her
He said 'I'm not afraid' but she knew he lied

Then he smiled and he swung to his saddle
He looked across the fields of green
He said 'I will return love
Though all hell should lie between'

And I'll bring to you a painted pony
And together love we will ride
Across the flowered plains together
Forever, side by side'

'Oh I don't need your painted pony
I lack for nothing love' she cried
'Just come back to me darling
Stay forever at my side'

She stood silently then and watched him
He touched his heels to his horse's side
He cantered past the far horizon
She turned and went inside

One day while waiting at her window
She felt a cloud obscure the sun
Into her heart there came a stillness
She knew her love was gone

'Hard fate hard fate' she cried in anguish
Hard fate has come to me this day'
She withdrew into her chamber
Not another word would say

One night while dreaming on her pillow
She dreamt she heard her lover speak
His soft kiss upon her forehead
His warm hand upon her cheek

She heard a tapping at her window
At the tolling of the bell
She raised her head, she saw him standing
The dear one she loved so well

'Love how came you to my window?
My heart told me you were dead'
He smiled and said 'don't you remember?
Don't you remember what I said?'

He took her to the shadowed courtyard
In the darkness she could hear
The silver jingle of a bridle
He touched her arm and drew her near

'I've brought to you a painted pony'
He said and then the reins he untied
'Oh come leave these earthly sorrows
Love, together we will ride'

A saddle of the finest leather
And a bridle strung with pearls
They wheeled their horses close together
Close together left this world

They rode across the flowered prairie
And the sun rose red above the hills
They rested by a stand of willows
Let the horses drink their fill

Still they ride every night together
When the evening star is bright
The faithful soldier and his lover
Guide their ponies through the starry night

They ride together through the starfields
Laughing breathless as they ride
Chasing down the stars of heaven
The faithful soldier and his bride

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