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Doing all right!

Absorbed in memories of you, the scent of the sunshine through the trees
I left something behind and it’s not here anymore, but

My feelings change and the feeling of missing you leaves me

Doing all right!
We can’t live without getting our hearts shaken up and looking back
Doing all right!
It’s OK to fumble your way through and be prone to dreaming

A windless afternoon, a little freedom, a question with no answer
I break out like I’m quietly spreading my wings

If there was a beginning, there’ll be an end
I can’t get used to this town, but I caught sight of tomorrow here

The ability to change how you feel
Have you cried? Have you gotten angry? Have you laughed it off?

Doing all right!
I have no use for time that’s gone and won’t come back
Doing all right!
A place that won’t go away, we still don’t know what the distant future will bring

I just want to feel the moment in this life that’s been thrust out
Like shooting through this sky that makes my heart leap

Doing all right!
Our hearts were joined by a strange twist of fate
Doing all right!
I want to gather up wonderful premonitions when we join as one

Doing all right!