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Running With Chicken

This song is by Garfunkel and Oates and appears on the album All Over Your Face (2011).

When your day is bad
And you're feeling sad
And you're kinda mad
And you're sure not glad
And you're thinking this is the opposite of rad

When things are tough
And you've had enough
And the going gets rough
And you're in a huff
And a whole bunch of real bad other stuff

You know it's true
There's one thing left to do

Go running with chicken
Go running with your deep fried dreams
When your extra crispy destiny awaits
Go running with chicken
Original recipe
Time to risk it
Leave the biscuit and fly
Go running with chicken

You've had it up to here
And it's all you fear
Nothing's clear
You're sheer out of cheer
You're a finger lickin' good time pioneer

When you're feeling spastic
And it's not fantastic
It's hard to be sarcastic
When you're pants are elastic
And you're thinking that it's time to do something drastic

You're on the prowl
To jank that fowl

Go running with chicken
Your Kentucky Fried fate unfurls
You can eat so you don't have to feel
Go running with chicken
Even if you can't move real fast
Just say fuck it
Take the bucket and fly
Go running with chicken

It's not racist
'Cause white people like chicken too
Time to face it
Everyone around the world is better
Because of chicken

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