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Groove With Me

This song is by Gareth Gates and appears on the album Go Your Own Way (2003).

Oh yeah, all right, oh oh oh yeah
Hey girl
Excuse me miss for sayin this but
Its ur world
Can I cum inside
Lets hit the floor
Dance a bit until we're sweatin'
An so much more
I'll take you on a ride oh yeah
I see that look in ur eyes
I can tell ur feelin me
But actin like ur shy
Don't be afraid to let go
Just give into the rythym and I'll
Take control yeah
Let me show you the way I move
You know that you want me to
So baby groove with me
There ain't nothin I wouldnt do
I'm gettin into you
So baby groove with me
Let me show ya
I wanna know ya
Don't be afraid
I dont bite unless you want it
And so I'll wait
Til I am invited
I can tell ur turned on by it
Come on let's play
I promise that ull like it girl
We're movin slow
But I need 2 know
Just how fast u wanna go
I think it's time to make up ur mind
So baby just let me show ya
Let me show ya
Let me show ya
The way I move
I wanna no ya
Come groove wit
Come groove with me
Let me show ya
I wanna no ya
I wanna no ya more ay aya

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