Gang Of Four:Entertainment! (1979)

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Album by Gang of Four.
  1. Ether
  2. Natural's Not in It
  3. Not Great Men
  4. Damaged Goods
  5. Return the Gift
  6. Guns Before Butter
  7. I Found That Essence Rare
  8. Glass
  9. Contract
  10. At Home He's a Tourist
  11. 5.45
  12. Anthrax
Gang Of Four - Yellow EP
Yellow EP
Bonus tracks on 1995 and 2005 reissues: from the Yellow EP
  1. Outside the Trains Don't Run on Time
  2. He'd Send In the Army
  3. It's Her Factory
  4. Armalite Rifle
Bonus tracks on 2005 reissue
  1. Guns Before Butter (alternate version)
  2. Contract (alternate version)
  3. Blood Free (live)
  4. Sweet Jane (live)


Gang of Four:
Produced by
  • Andrew Gill
  • Jon King
  • Rob Warr
Engineered by
  • Rick Walton
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