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The Council Of Anderson

This song is by Gandalf's Fist and appears on the album Road To Darkness (2011).

The silent planet bathes its shores
In moonbeams from the night
As shadow children dream their dreams
To hear their mothers cry
The echo of the solar breeze
Falls soft upon the sands
Walking to the jester's tune
On this rose across the stars...

The tyrant in his emerald spire
Casts shadows in the night
His fear is brought to waking souls
Who sleep beneath the light
The watchmen of the city wall
Call out the sorcerer's name
The brave men of the citadel
Fall back against the flame
The council members disappear
To rooms beneath the mire
The courtyard of the cowardly
Hears whispers of the fire
The summoned party pays the price
Death takes them by the hand
He leads them on a merry dance
Across this cursed land...