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The Circus In The Clearing (Including 'The Fanfare For The King's Tournament')

This song is by Gandalf's Fist and appears on the album A Forest Of Fey (2014).

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Time moves slow as you watch through the trees
Where the woodsmen and the jackals
Make songs for the queen
Now paths appear as the jester lights the lamps
Goes dancing through the darkness
With the moonlight in his hands
And will you stray from the borders to the fields
Play riddles with the night-born as they huddle in the leaves
And as you sleep, the clocks begin to stop
The seasons never change in the kingdom of the lost

Take my hand through the garden of blue weed
Glowing, swaying in the night
Leaves you chocking on the breeze
The clock tower above you
Chimes six bells for the sun
As the blind witch of the forest
Plays her fiddle just for fun
Now you try to return by the pathway through the trees
But the lamplights start to go out
As the jester takes his leave
As you dance on the water the piper plays his song
Were you ever seen again now the carnival has gone?