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Stakes At Low Tide

This song is by Gandalf's Fist and appears on the album The Master And The Monkey (2011) and on the album Songs from the Solway (2011).

Stakes at low tide, you'll see
Run aground comfortably
Don't sleep, never die,
A sigh from deep will rise

Hunted down, rampent tide
Don't you see the moon will rise
Sing now, come what may
Tonight the beast be slain

Stake down, Flooding tide
As you sleep you hear no rhyme
It swims towards first-light
We hunt our pray tonight

Morning breaks across the sand
Loud cries and clapping hands
Crimson-soaked crashing waves
We pray our lives be saved

Dragon speared amidst the stakes
A frightful scream does make
For three days Dragon pained
The serpent now be slain

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