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The Master and the Monkey (2011)Edit

Gandalf's Fist - The Master and the Monkey

The Master and the Monkey

  1. The Master and the Monkey (Part 1)
  2. Stakes at Low Tide
  3. The Siren's Kiss
  4. Maurice the Bat
  5. The Life and Crimes of Pierre du Gâteau
  6. Dance of Umbra
  7. Zavier the Troll
  8. The Master and the Monkey (Part 2)

Songs from the Solway (2011)Edit

Gandalf's Fist - Songs from the Solway

Songs from the Solway

  1. Sunset Over Criffel
  2. The Unforgiving Sea
  3. (She Dwelt Among the) Untrodden Ways
  4. The Betsy Jane
  5. The Beckfoot Gypsy
  6. Stakes at Low Tide (New Version)
  7. The Regency Rascal
  8. The Dunmail Stones

Road to Darkness (2011)Edit

Gandalf's Fist - Road to Darkness

Road to Darkness

  1. No Place Cyclone
  2. Emerald Eyes
  3. Conjurer of Cheap Tricks
  4. Into the Dark (Containing Emerald Eyes Reprise)
  5. Twilight at the Gates of the Prism Moon
  6. The Sulfur Highways of Io
  7. Untrodden Ways
  8. Road to Darkness
  9. The Council of Anderson
  10. Assorted Lunatics

From a Point of Existence (2012)Edit

Gandalf's Fist - From a Point of Existence

From a Point of Existence

  1. The Tale of William Small
  2. From a Point of Existence, Part I-V
  3. The Gathering of the Clouds
  4. There and Back Again
  5. Crestfallen
  6. Monolith
  7. From a Point of Existence, Part VI-X

Winter Is Coming (2012)Edit

Gandalf's Fist - Winter is Coming

Winter is Coming

  1. Winterfell
  2. North of the Wall (Acoustic Version)
  3. The Snows They Melt the Soonest
  4. Pipeweed Penguin Mindjoust
  5. Winter Rain
  6. Drunken Gents

A Day in the Life of a Universal Wanderer (2013)Edit

Gandalf's Fist - A Day in the Life of a Universal Wanderer

A Day in the Life of a Universal Wanderer

  1. Another Night on the Far Side of the Universe
  2. The Nine Billion Names of God
  3. Stowaway to the Mushroom Planet
  4. Somewhere Beyond the Stars
  5. Orphans of the Sky
  6. Maze of Corridors
  7. A Universal Wanderer
  8. Nexus
  9. North of the Wall
  10. The Battle for Tannhäuser Gate
  11. The Wanderer Goes South

A Forest of Fey (2014)Edit

Gandalf's Fist - A Forest of Fey

A Forest of Fey

  1. Childhood Ghosts
  2. Gardens of the Lost
  3. A Forest of Fey (including ‘Wisdom of the Reptile’ and ‘The Lament for a Silent Verse’)
  4. The Figure Speaks
  5. The World We Created
  6. The Circus in the Clearing (including ‘The Fanfare for the King´s Tournament’)
  7. Blood for a Royal Pardon
  8. Drifter on the Edge of Time
  9. Forest Rose (Coming Home)
  10. Return from the Tournament
  11. Stories Old and Stories Told (Of Children Brave and Children Bold)
  12. A Poison Tree

The Clockwork Fable (2016)Edit

Gandalf's Fist - The Clockwork Fable

The Clockwork Fable

Disc 1: Act I - The Day The Great Cog Failed
  1. The Traveller and the Lighter
  2. Shadowborn
  3. The unminable Zone
  4. The Lamplighter (Parts I-VIII)
  5. In the Cavern of the Great Cog
  6. The Great Cog
  7. The Shadow rises...
  8. The Capture (Including the Song for a Fallen Nightkeeper)
  9. Waiting for Exile
  10. Eve's Song
Disc 2: Act II - Of Worms And Men
  1. A Sermon for Shadowmas
  2. Victims of the Light
  3. Old Friends, new Enemies
  4. Ditchwater Daisies
  5. De-ranged
  6. The Lamplighter (Parts IX-XIII)
  7. In the Name of the Spy
  8. The Bewildering Conscience of a Clockwork Child
  9. Escape!
  10. A Solemn Toast for the Steam Ranger Reborn
Disc 3: Act III - From Burrows We Came
  1. The oldest Flame
  2. The Lamplighter (Parts XIV-XV)
  3. Flight for the Surface
  4. The Climb
  5. At the Summit
  6. Fight for the Light
  7. Quest for Power
  8. At the Sign of the Aperture
  9. A Machine serves his purpose
  10. The Clockwork Fable
  11. Escape from Cogtopolis
  12. Through the Lens
  13. Epilogue - Oh Bugger!

Other SongsEdit

  1. The First Lamplighter (Memories Of Nuclear Snow)

Additional information

Band members:
  • Dean Marsh - vocals, guitars, mandolin, keys, additional bass
  • Luke Severn - vocals
  • Chris Ewen - bass
  • Stefan Hepe - drums

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