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The Cave Principle

This song is by Gamma Ray and appears on the album Insanity and Genius (1993).

I crawl across the floor, never see the light
Only shadows on the wall
Somebody said there's reality behind
But I'm afraid to turn and fall...!

Set me free-for eternity

And now they talk about my destiny again
I hear their footsteps in the dark
But then again, there was the silence and the pain
Ooh, Lord, that made me feel so lost...!

Help me-get out of here
Save me-my world's an illusion

I'm still inside the cave, imprisoned in my mind
And silhouettes on the wall
I have to turn around to see what's goin' on
'Cause what I saw was never all...!

Just a move is the solution
It's not enough to stand and stare
Leave the cave and find a reason
For the cross you have to bear

Never-return to the principle...

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