Gamma Ray:The Cave Principle Lyrics

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The Cave Principle

This song is by Gamma Ray and appears on the album Insanity and Genius (1993).

I crawl across the floor, never see the light
Only shadows on the wall
Somebody said there's reality behind
But I'm afraid to turn and fall...!

Set me free—for eternity

And now they talk about my destiny again
I hear their footsteps in the dark
But then again, there was the silence and the pain
Ooh, Lord, that made me feel so lost...!

Help me—get out of here
Save me—my world's an illusion

I'm still inside the cave, imprisoned in my mind
And silhouettes on the wall
I have to turn around to see what's goin' on
'Cause what I saw was never all...!

Just a move is the solution
It's not enough to stand and stare
Leave the cave and find a reason
For the cross you have to bear

Never—return to the principle....