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Last Before The Storm

This song is by Gamma Ray and appears on the album Insanity and Genius (1993).

Who's controlling all the misery and pain?
When the error signs are lighted in the Master Hall
And from the start, the action is in vain
'Cause the beast is always careful to avoid the fall

We crawl up to the skies
We'll never return again....

We're the last before the storm
Watching the sun going down on us
We wish we had never been born
To be the last before the storm

Who's ever gonna change the world?
I don't understand what we are fighting for
The truth is sad; no lying, we are cursed
I don't really know who ever made the law

We cry out for more
We wonder what's next to the world
We settle the score
We never look back....

We're the last before the storm....

Cry out for the people who don't know the world
They don't understand what they say, and they're cursed
Lying for reasons in search for the truth

Mephisto—we comin' down

We cry out for more....

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