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Gamma Ray (Edited Version)

This song is by Gamma Ray and appears on the album Insanity and Genius (1993).

The world's desperated with irony, hunger, and corruption
The Eastern world and the Africans, too
Are going to repeat the history of all wars
And our industry supplied them with arms
Everybody knows, but nobody can do anything against it
The fall of society is on the make

Well, sometimes, sometimes I try to drop a list
I try to find out what they have done
I thought of honorable murderers, you know
Like Jonah's hand might around us

And anytime, everywhere in the whole world
Gamma ray, gamma ray
Gamma, gamma, gamma ray
Made of pure existence
Gamma ray, money, and our failing
I've waited for-to fire gamma ray

Without a body, I could fly around the world
Destroying arms, destroying rockets
Mix all complexions of the whole human race
We all would turn to shadow people

Everybody, everywhere in the whole world
Gamma ray, gamma ray...