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Witching Mania

This song is by Gama Bomb and appears on the EP Untouchable Glory (2015).

Witch! Witch! Seize the witch!
Hang her up high on a hook
Haunted, hunted, persecuted
Cursing with your hand upon the book

Spit and curse and rip her clothes
Ensure she never lives it down
A jury of peers has found her to be evil
So gather round

She laid down with the goat so pay the price
A mockery of everything that's holy, she must end tonight

Occultery - the way she spread her seed
There's witching afoot in this community

Witch! Witch! Witching mania!
The twilight zone
You'll never be seen again
Burn! Burn! Burn the witch!
Laughing in the flames

Hysteria - has anybody got a clue what's going on?
Hallucinate - pinning all the terror on these cursed ones
Throw the book - taking down the letter of the highest law
Execute - the only way to grace to burn them one and all

The darkness - burns behind her eyes
She's chosen a side - and she must die

Rising from the conflagration naked and obscene
Screaming all her maledictions flame left her pristine
People flee in all directions clutching cross and heart
The age of witches is at hand this is just the start

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