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​Ride the Night

This song is by Gama Bomb and appears on the EP Untouchable Glory (2015).

Tell me I'm wrong which you can't 'cause I'm not
Nothing's all you got to lose and nothing's all you got
If you stand up big and tall you'll be blown to bits
The highest form of flattery, the lowest form of wit
With every sip of venom you can feel the load is growing
The diesel power engine in your gut is overflowing
The wall of sleep is shattered, you're on the other side
Standing silent like a Terminator, eyes open wide

You don't need anybody
You ride the night
Everyone can see you screaming high
You wanna be somebody
You ride the night
Everything you do is do or die

If you were sane you'd go completely mad
If you took a single second to consider you'd be glad
Full of sugar pills and poison and you never lived a day
Now you decide you got something to say?
Well it's too late - you had a vote but you never had a choice
The people with the power never even heard your voice
And they don't care
To them you're just a number on an empty chair
They're switching on the current lighting stogies off your hair